Sunday, April 25, 2010

Craft Blog

A few of my friends have been telling me that I should do my own craft blog...with tutorials for some of the stuff that I make. I've never felt worthy of being able to do that because I'm pretty much just a copier... all my fun stuff that I've made is just someone else's awesome idea...I still feel that way, but at the same time, as my friend Jen pointed out, the people that follow this blog probably would like to see something other than headband after headband that I'm selling. So, while I am still selling my headbands here, I'm also going to start putting some tutorials on this blog of some of the things that I know how to make, that maybe you don't...
things like:
a denim quilt
seared baby clippies
a ruffled hooded towel
anyone have any requests, I'd be happy to do it, if I can!
I'm not a professional seamstress, and I don't know any fancy sewing words, but hopefully I'll be able to have something on here that you'd like to try to make yourself! And if I can freaking make for sure can!
so get excited, here come some tut's! (you know, toots)

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