Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Operation Curb-Appeal: king-size sham {tut}

I totally do not enjoy the curb appeal of my bedroom!
I think it's because it's sort of the catch-all, it's where my craft stuff is, and especially, no one sees it, so it's been the last place I think about to decorate. I have done several different things over the years, that I haven't LOVED, so here's an attempt to improve the curb appeal. I WILL NOT show any pictures of my bedroom in full until it's completed...then maybe I'll show a before picture. Then it will be OK to puke. But, part one is to dress up the bed with pillows...I don't know if there's a better way to do this, or if I did it right, but here's what I did...
To make 2 shams for king-size pillows,
2-42 x 25 1/2
4- 27 x 25 1/2
{1 big rectangle, and two smaller ones will make 1 sham}
with Right Sides together, lay the big rectangle down, and then layer on top of it the two smaller rectangles so that they overlap each other.
You will hem the inside raw edge of each of the smaller rectangles (only the sides that overlap, as seen in the picture below...but yours should overlap more than this!)
I just folded it over twice about a 1/4 of an inch, and stitched it down.

Re-lay the pieces down, RST with the two hemmed pieces overlapping each other, and make sure that all of the edges line up...and PIN. Sew around the perimeter.
Snip the corners off and turn it inside out.
Iron down your seams so they're nice and crisp.
Next, pin your overlap down so that it remains straight, as seen below.

You're going to sew a rectangle around the perimeter again to create a little house for your pillow, as well as a border around the entire thing. So, after you've pinned the overlaps together, measure and draw a line, with disappearing ink 3 inches from the outside of each edge. see:
Then sew along your line...can you see my faint line? barely!
Stuff you're pillow inside through the overlapping flaps...this is what you're back should look like:
and here's the front.
Like I said...don't know if this is what you're supposed to do..maybe I should have put some interfacing in, or batting to make it stiffer...but do what you will!! hope that's helpful!
oh...lather, rinse, repeat for your hub's pillow!


Brandy said...

I hate my bedroom jealous you can just whip stuff out like this!!!

Sherry said...

Autie I NEED YOU! Come help me DECORATE!!!! WHEN?!!!

ANd!!!! Where do you get all your cute fabric???