Monday, July 12, 2010

The Rooster Chest

I got this cute little rooster chest thingy from a friend that I knew when I was at BYU. It was in her parents garage, and they were going to throw it the time, I really liked the old country/barn look, so I thought it was so cute, and I've carted it from BYU, to AZ (5 moves) to CA (2 moves) crazy. Anyways, it really hasn't gone with any of my stuff...especially the maroon color, so I finally decided to change it up. (why was I waiting? who knows). Jeff has adoringly called it 'the cock' and it's been a neat little place to store stuff. Just not so much my cup o' tea anymore.
And using all that free paint that I got from glidden, of course all the in the same "true turquoise" color, I did this back in February, shortly after I painted Ivy's dresser the same color. I put it up, and a got several compliments on it when people came over, but it actually made me want to puke. I didn't enjoy the black in it. bleh! I actually didn't post about it back then because I just wasn't satisfied with it yet.
So, I thought I'd try to cover up the black with the same color...
and here she stands today. I forgot the little turny thing that you open it with...and I'm not so certain that I still like the black and white damask in it, I'll probably change it when I find something perfect, but for now , it's waaaay better than it was previously, times 2!
sigh, turquoise!

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