Saturday, January 8, 2011

ABC frame

I saw this pillow on Nie Nie's blog. I wanted to copy it, but I thought I had too many pillows going on...and really, this one turned out bigger than I would have wanted a pillow!
Here's what we did:
-cut out all the letters with my cricut at 5 1/2 inches using my favorite font: street sign
-filtered through both my pile of felt and my friend Lauren's pile of felt and picked only the best colors! (we only repeated a couple of times)
- pinned the cardstock letters onto our felt and cut, cut, cut
-arranged our letters onto a piece of plain white cotton fabric (1/2 yard)
-used wonder-under to attach the pieces onto the fabric temporarily
-stitched around the perimeter of each letter using mustard colored thread...just to show off how awful I am at sewing super straight.
-bought an ug frame from goodwill and sprayed in Sun Yellow...twice
-taped my monsterpiece around the cardboard piece that came with the ug frame
-hung it up for me to smile at every time I look in the kids' room!
{the letter part (with little white around it) is around 15" x 24", fyi}

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Kristy@MyPretties said...

Love this! I wonder if I would have the patience to cut them all out? I guess I could use cotton and cut them with the cricut. That would make this project totally doable for me!

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