Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Projects

I haven't posted in forever!
I have been BUSY, but I don't have much to show for it. Headbands and boutiques, a little teeny side job, FHE kits, a quilt that's been begging to be done, and other random projects have been taking up the limited amount of time that I have to do projects. (nap time, and bed time)
Anyways, I whipped these to suckers out during nap time today...
exhibit one...
last year, I spray painted my ugly red berry wreath that I've had forever ( I don't prefer wreaths that are not super full) Anyway, I made it my scary wreath for Halloween...but still the unfullness of it still bugged. So when I saw this tut, I thought I could enhance my scary wreath with my flavorite halloween candy!

ps, she used a 16" wreath form, but I used a 12" so that it would fit inside my black scary wreath. Crow is from the dollar store!
exhibit 2:
easy candy corn craft...can't say much about it, but I thought it looked fun and easy, so here it is:

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