Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Organza Ranuncula {Tutorial}

I'm teaching some girlies from my ward how to make these, so while I was preparing, I thought I'd take a few pics. All you need is a very small amount of organza (polyester blend), the smallest amount that they will let you cut, a few small beads, thread to match your beads and a lighter.
First cut out a bunch of circles from your organza. You don't need to trace anything round to make them, they don't have to be perfect, just cut a general circle shape. You can use as many or as few as you'd like, I used 9 or 10.
To change them from just plain old circles to awesome petals, break out your lighter, or a candle...
slowly singe around the edge of each circle with your lighter. Be Careful! I didn' t know how else to take a picture of this...so, sorry!
you'll end up with a pile of these pretties:
Make sure the rest of your materials are ready to go..thread your needle and tie a double knot.
Begin to layer your petals. You can lay them right on top of each other, it's really cute, too, but I like the randomness of this way. Just make sure that each petal overlaps in the middle. 2 petals:
3 petals:
6 petals:
When it looks how you want it, you will sew your beads on, which also holds the petals in place. Poke your needle up and through the center of the flower.
thread a bead onto the thread
poke your needle back down through the center, very close to where you came up.
do it again and again until the center of the flower is how you like it. (I used 3 on this one and 5 on another one).
When you are done adding beads, thread your needle just through a few of the bottom layers of organza, as shown, to make a loop
and then thread the needle back through the loop to make a knot.
trim off the tails
and dress it up however you like. I added ric rac as the leaves to this one and stuck it on an alligator clip...
These are super easy, you probably didn't need this much information, but you never know! enjoy.

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