Thursday, May 27, 2010

Personalized Beach Towel Project

I did this a while ago, and put it on my family blog. But then I thought, I might as well put it on here, too, and sort of tell you how to do it, because I thought they turned out so cute! They are so easy to do, and I know my sister is going to make them, and call to ask me how to do it over the phone, so I might as well do a pseudo-tutorial on here for anyone else that wants to do them.
So, here is a tutorial on how to make personalized beach towels...
You'll need:
a huge bath towel or beach towel {I got these from Costco, and I LOVE how big they are}
some scrap fabric
Wonder Under...or something similar
and either a printer, or a cricut machine

scissors, pins, sewing machine, know.

My friend cut these letters out for me using her 12" cricut that I'm jealous of. They are 9.5 inch letters. If you don't have a cricut, just find a font that you like on your computer, make them the size that you'd big as you could fit on a single sheet of paper...and print them out. Then cut them out and you have the same thing that the cricut did.

1.) Iron your wonder under onto the back side of your scrap fabrics. If you use all the same fabric for all of your letters, just iron one huge piece onto the fabric. (leave the paper on)
2.) Take your cut letters, flip them over (so they're backwards) and pin them to your wonder under/back side of your fabric.
3.) Cut out your letters
4.) Peel the paper off of each of your letters and decide where you'd like to place them. I chose to put them on the bottom right corner of their beach towels, but centered would be cute, too.
5.) Iron the letters in place on the towel.
6.) Pin the letters down, just in case. {seriously, you could skip this step, but I wasn't sure how much the wonder under would hold on the terry cloth, so just pin it in a couple places to be safe.)
7.) Stitch around the perimeter of each letter to make sure it nEvER comes off!

All probably didn't need a tutorial for that, but just in case, there you go!
Sorry I don't have pictures.
ps, you could also just do initials, or even just the first letter of their huge letter on the towel. Cute! I'm just lucky that both my kids have teensy names that fit anywhere!

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Brandy said...

Thank you from the sister who would definitely be calling you...this is also the sister who will be waiting until Mom gets here to help her!! :) love you!